Pumping Equipment

We provide complete turn-key packages designed for your particular applications or can just supply products for in-plant use.

Sales, service, support and technical assistance are available from a coordinated network of problem specific specialists worldwide. Customized pumping systems are available for more effective turn-key or in-house supervised cleanings.  We offer economical clean-in-place units for any size cleaning job.

The Black and White Re-Circ Pump System is a totally complete mobile pumping package. Three 10' hoses are included for discharge, return and drum suction. A separate valved inlet is provided for Black and White Descaler addition from another drum. Discharge is reduced and split for bypass, if needed, for circulating through smaller equipment. The quick-disconnect bypass also serves as a rinse water inlet for easy cleaning. The valved return hose from the equipment being cleaned is also designed with a quick-disconnect fitting for easy transfer to drain. The pump is wired and switched in a mounted electrical box with a 15' heavy gauge cord.

The Black and White Drum Pump is used to transfer solutions from our drums and into your equipment to be cleaned. You can easily transfer the descaler right into an active cooling tower system or closed loop sump. The Drum Pump is an economic alternative to transfer products from containers.



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All Black and White Descaler products are biodegradable, non-toxic, non-corrosive, and non-flammable when used as directed. Learn More >>