Online Descaler™

online-descalerBlack & White Online Descaler™ will dissolve all stubborn scale, rust, calcium and other water formed deposits found in most types of water operated heat transfer equipment or cooling systems. Benefits include; restored heat transfer efficiencies, lower operating pressures, increased coolant flow, reduced power use and extended life of your equipment.

Black & White Online Descaler™ is safe enough to hold in bare hands, with no hazards to your personnel, equipment or environment. This descaler is added directly to operating cooling systems ONLINE!

Additional Online Descaler Features

  • Most cleanings can be accomplished within hours
  • No need to shutdown, cleanings can be done online
  • Cleanings accomplished at ambient temperatures to ensure safe descaling
  • Dissolves between one and two pounds of calcium carbonate scale per gallon used
  • Safely dissolves almost all water-formed fouling deposits from heat transfer systems
  • May be disposed down regular city sewer systems with water flush after cleaning
  • Does not require neutralizers or dangerous heating

Black & White Descalers

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All Black and White Descaler products are biodegradable, non-toxic, non-corrosive, and non-flammable when used as directed. Learn More >>