Drum Pumps & Re-Circulation Pumps

The Black and White Drum Pumps are designed specifically for the circulation of our methodical liquid descalers. They are used to circulate Black and White Descalers for the removal of scale, lime and rust deposits from your water operated equipment. When using Black and White Descalers to clean your water deposit fouled equipment, it is recommended that circulation be employed to speed the descaling process. These systems are available in three different configurations depending on your individual needs. Each variation is based on a pump design for you.

Our many years of pumping experience have afforded the knowledge to foresee most of the problems associated with descaling procedures and we designed these systems with simplicity in mind. We offer many sizes and capacities of our pumps and fit each system to our customers' particular applications to assure proper results are achieved. Our Drum pumps are very portable and lightweight, are constructed of non-ferrous, corrosion resistant materials and are ideally suited for Black and White cleaning applications. They are equipped with non-clogging, semi-open plastic impellers which deliver unusually high efficiency and flow. These centrifugal pumps are custom fitted with 1-1/2" threaded suction and discharge. The shaft seals are rotary graphite type with a ceramic seat. These pumps can be easily transported to where your equipment is installed, run on 220/110V power and are  provided with 15 foot, 3 wire grounded cords. These pumps are also available in a complete version which includes the pump, cord, three 10' hoses with 1" female fittings all packed into a 30 gallon shipper/ recirculating bucket with cover. Valves and fittings are included to further customize your package to accommodate connections directly to the bucket to simplify priming.

The Black and White Re-Circ Pump System is a totally complete mobile pumping package. This unit starts on a 2' by 4' Rubbermaid heavy-duty plastic cart with 5" swivel wheels. We then secure a 30 gallon circulation drum to the cart's steel handle and install a valved drain on the bottom. The pump itself is mounted directly to the cart and piped with valved and teed, high-volume suction. Three hoses are included for discharge, return and drum suction with larger sizes available as an upgrade. A separate valved inlet is provided for Black and White DESCALER addition from another drum. Discharge is reduced and split for bypass, if needed, for circulating through smaller equipment. The quick-disconnect bypass also serves as a rinse water inlet for easy cleaning. The valved return hose from the equipment being cleaned is also designed with a quick-disconnect fitting for easy transfer to drain. The pump is GFCI wired and switched in a mounted electrical box with a 15' heavy gauge cord. This unit comes completely assembled and shipped on a pallet.

Most versions are available in two different pump models and two horsepowers. Our systems have been tested and optimized for the best performance design to ease your workload while descaling any of your vital equipment. See how the DRUM PUMP SYSTEM can improve the efficiency of your water-operated equipment preventive maintenance program when using Black and White DESCALERS.


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All Black and White Descaler products are biodegradable, non-toxic, non-corrosive, and non-flammable when used as directed. Learn More >>