All of Black and White Descalers are...

  • safe enough to hold in the open hand
  • safe enough to dispose down regular sewer systems with a water flush
  • non-hazardous to your critical equipment, service personnel and the environment
  • non-toxic
  • non-corrosive
  • biodegradable
  • non-flammable

Use Black & White to complement your water treatment program. You treat your water, now treat your systems!

RX-D-5963 LCR

Specially formulated to SAFELY dissolve the most stubborn scale and fouling deposits from ANY surface. Non-toxic and biodegradable, this unique descaler formula is directed at the health and DIY home markets due to its total safety.

Soft-Soak Penetrant

Specifically formulated as an organic penetrant and deposit dispersant for use in heat transfer systems and cooling towers. Soft-Soak softens deposits prior to descaling and keeps slime away. The first step in a complete descaling program.

Online Descaler

Dissolves all stubborn scale, rust, calcium, and other water formed deposits from most types of equipment. Restores heat transfer efficiencies, increases coolant flow, and reduces power use as it greatly extends the life of cooling equipment.


Our stronger, more versatile formulation will allow for more applications and better performance than most other commercial degreasers. Totally SAFE and biodegradable like ALL our products, this can be pre-diluted up to 25:1 for use.


An important step in the descaling process is to maintain proper reaction control. By regulating the amount of generated foaming within the cleaning system, the desired results can be more closely watched & even stronger solution circulated.

Re-Circ Pump System

A complete, plumbed centrifugal pump kit with connections, valves and hoses, the Re-Circ Pump System is used to clean dirty equipment in place. It has been specifically designed to effectively circulate unique Black and White Descaler chemistries to completely clean your system with the least amount of downtime.

Rx-D-5963 GEL

A gelled descaler that will stick to the hull of a boat or the sides of a tank for a thorough cleaning of nasty rust stains or ugly scale deposits. Can be brushed or sprayed on with a weed sprayer and allowed to restore, then flushed to drain.

Rx-D-Oil Emulsifier

A gentle, yet super strong solution for clean-in-place restoring of compromised cooling systems. SAFELY dissolves heavy oil deposits with the least hazard to your personnel, equipment and environment. For pumped circulation through fouled and isolated heat transfer fluid loops or leaking lube and/or oil circuits.

Ultra Descaler Plus

An ultra-strength, super strong solution for clean-in-place descalings. SAFELY dissolves heavy deposits with the least hazard to your personnel, equipment and environment. For pumped circulation through isolated heating/cooling circuits.

Rx-D-Clog Coil Cleaner

Air plenums and radiators have a tendency to gather heavy, complex fouling that penetrates to the core of those coils and starves them for flow. Our much safer foaming cleaner infiltrates and ejects all fouling to be flushed directly to sewers.

Rx-D-Rust Shield

The final step in the descaling process. Rx-D-Rust Shield is a film barrier that protects exposed bare metals. The mixture adheres directly to the metal surfaces within the cleaned system. It can be fed on a regular basis to slow the constant formation of organic deposits and fouling. It reduces the effects of corrosion too.

Drum Pump System

A complete, plumbed tube pump kit with connections, valve and hose, the Drum Pump System is used to easily transfer fluids from drums to circulating systems. It has been specifically selected to effectively circulate all our unique Black and White Descaler chemistries to complement your maintenance dept.

Black & White Prescription Strength Cleaners are just what the Doctor ordered to keep your systems operating!

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All Black and White Descaler products are biodegradable, non-toxic, non-corrosive, and non-flammable when used as directed. Learn More >>