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Cooling Tower Cleaning and associated cooling systems reduces the build up of accumulated nutrients; a primary cause of Legionella growth. Another problem is water that contains salts such as magnesium carbonate and calcium carbonate which are less soluble in hot water than they are in cold. These deposits, along with the scum that accumulates in cooling systems, can drastically reduce the efficiency, which will affect production and chiller operations.

Cooling towers are widely used because they are a cost effective way of cooling water in processes. Fouled cooling towers and systems have been shown to reduce efficiency by 40% to 50%. This inefficiency increases operating costs. Most companies perform a risk management process to determine the frequency of Cooling Tower Cleaning but it is generally an accepted practice to clean a cooling tower twice a year. In climates where a cooling tower is taken out of service over the winter months, the tower and cooling systems should be cleaned at the end of the operational season and then again before being placed back into service in the spring. This reduces the opportunity of Legionella growth and restores your  lost efficiencies by removing your water and lime scale.

At Black and White Descalers, our solutions are safe and economical when used properly. All of our solutions are Non-Toxic, Non-Hazardous, Biodegradable and there is no compatibility or waste disposal issues. Above all, protecting the health and safety of our customers and employees, along with the equipment assets, is our highest priority.

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