Scaled tubes in water cooled chillers cause the chiller to consume more energy to achieve the desired cooling output. Regular chiller tube cleaning will lower operating costs and extend equipment life. A clean chiller cycles less often, thereby reducing the load on motors, pumps and bearings. Although helpful, water treatment alone will not prevent the need to clean the tubes. A popular tube cleaning method used in the past was mechanically cleaning with brushes or using dangerous acids. In recent years, these methods have fallen out of favor for many operators due to excessive cost, safety concerns and disposal problems.

Whether or not cleaning speed is essential, Black and White Descalers' method is safe, easy and economical. There is no need for mechanical cleaning or using treacherous acids.

Just circulate our special descalers and in just a few hours your chiller is clean. The whole process is safe and environmentally friendly. There is no harm to your personnel or equipment.



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