Whether you have a small or large boiler, Black and White Descalers has a cleaning process to keep your boiler up and running. Our unique scientific descalers are specifically designed to safely dissolve all water scale, lime, rust and other water-formed deposits without harming your equipment or personnel.

Water Tube Boiler

In water tube boilers, the fluid flows through tubes that are encased in a furnace and connected to a steam drum and a mud drum. The fluid is heated in the steam drum, and the mud drum collects solids precipitated out of the fluid because of the high pressure and temperature in the boiler. In order to maximize the amount of steam per unit of feed water, the feed water is cycled through the steam drum several times. As the water from each cycle evaporates, the concentration of solids increases. When the concentration of solids becomes great enough to interfere with the boiler's efficiency, the solids are automatically blown into the mud drum with compressed air. Water tube boilers can handle greater pressures and temperatures, and they are available in larger sizes than fire tube or fire box boilers. However, the initial cost of water tube boilers is higher and they are more difficult to clean than the other two main types of industrial boiler.

Fire Tube Boilers

In fire tube boilers, the hot gases from the heat source are channeled through tubes that are surrounded by the fluid being heated. The heated fluid may remain liquid or may produce low-pressure steam. Fire tube boilers have lower initial cost than water tube boilers and they are easier to clean. It is also easier to replace tubes. They are not suited for producing high pressure steam, but do well for space heating and industrial process heating. When space is an issue their relatively small size is an asset.



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